Best Seller

  • Rp 289,000.00

    It’s Ok to be a little obsessed while choosing jewelry.

    design by Ericka – 2023
  • Rp 479,000.00

    No one can describe this pieces, it’s totally 100% will blow your mind. This Shafiya brooch is perfect for create the statement looks with the elegant touch.

    design by Alissa – 2023
  • Rp 299,000.00

    This simple Hachilah earring will make your looks so subtle, don’t forget to wear the matching colour outfit.

    design by Your Hands – 2023
  • Rp 449,000.00

    Our Lana necklace feature an intricately pretty designed . Even better? Each rhinestone is hand-set, completing this expertly crafted design with high touch detailing. Pair it with pastel colours at your next garden party or spring soirée.

    design by Your Hands – 2023
  • Rp 275,000.00

    Bosya Rosegold is one of our personal favorites. This monotoned-beads was designed to be a beautiful arrangment. We love the Bosya Rosegold paired with another colorful beaded style or even with a collar of pearls for interesting texture and dimension.

    design by Carmeylita
  • Rp 265,000.00

    Grab this Zyva Gold to your wardrobe! Zyva brooch with hints of white and golddetails to define your look

    design by Your Hands
  • Rp 289,000.00

    These flowery and feminine Emily earring show off this season’s it material: rhinestone. What’s more, a crystal adds a trendy touch of texture to instantly effuse all outfits with a little something special.

    design by Your Hands